Paranoia Level

Nova WAF's allows you to set the paranoia level of the ruleset in order to automatically adjust the strictness of the WAF.

Level 1 Recommended

For most users we recommend Level 1, the default. Higher levels increase false positives.

Interface Example



There are 4 levels you can use to set the aggressiveness of the WAF ruleset. Each is described below.

Level 1 (default)

Adequate security to protect almost all web applications from generic exploits. We recommend most users to use this level by default, to ensure reduce disruption from false positives.

Level 2

A slightly higher level of security to block almost all web application exploits. This may result in some false positives, and require whitelisting.

Level 3

A more paranoid approach to web security. You may experience a higher number of false positives.

Level 4 (most paranoid)

The most paranoid, preventive approach to security. This mode may block a large amount of legitimate requests to your site and requires training.