Every Organization on Nova can invite users to join. Typically, this is done to give access to your Nodes and ADCs to other people at your company. For Hosted installations Organizations can also be thought of as organizational units, teams, business units, and so on. They isolate resources between Organizations and users can be invited to multiple.

User Management

You may invite users by entering their email address and clicking Invite on your Organization page. They will receive a link with which to register, and will then have access to your Organization on Nova.

If a user already has an account, they will receive an invitation to join your Organization.

Adding a User

Users can be created under the Manage Organization option. Click Invite User at the top of your users list, and you will be presented with the format shown below.

  • Read Only: access to the whole system, aside from billing, but read only. No changes can be saved or made.
  • Admin: access to the whole system excluding billing and user management.
  • Owner: an Admin user, with the ability to see and update billing and all user accounts.


Multiple Organizations

Users can join any number of Organizations, and can create multiple of their own. This can be useful when you have a large business that has multiple departments which better function as their own Organizations, or when a user has a personal and business account.


Organizations can be swapped between easily using the main page or your Organization sidebar.