Tags allow you to group nodes together in simple or complex ways in order to perform other actions on them. Such as monitoring, or running a recipe on a tag.


In order to make the management of multiple nodes easier and more efficient, Nova uses a tagging system. When you add a node you can configure one or more custom tags to identify that node (and others) by.

For example, you may tag a set of nodes as "aws" and "web". You may want to have certain recipes you deploy to aws tags and other configurations that run on web tags. You can use any combination of these you like.

Managing Tags

On the Node Management page you can click the dropdown Actions button and click the Tags button. This will allow you to edit the tags for a given node.

Tags should be alphanumeric, and cannot have spaces in them.

Node List

Creating new Tags

To create a new tag, or often your first tag, simply type the tag name in the tag box followed by a space. It will then change to a grey text block and upon saving will be able to be easily selected on other nodes.

You may make any number of new tags on Nova, and use any combination of them.