Nova is an any-cloud, multi-location centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring Application Delivery Controllers at scale.

With Nova you are able to deploy, manage and monitor modern ADCs including Layer 7 load balancing, WAAP, content acceleration and more.


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What is an ADC?

An ADC or Application Delivery Controller is the point of entry to a service or set of services that require high availability, high performance and high security. An ADC typically comprises Load Balancing, Web Acceleration, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB).

Historically a hardware device, the ADC market was previously known as "Load Balancing". Once more functionality began to be added to Load Balancers, such as Web Acceleration and Web Application Firewalling, they moved into the category now known as ADC.

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What is Nova?

Nova is a cloud-based system for deploying and managing advanced ADCs in different environments. A small business may use Nova to deploy a single ADC Worker Node into AWS, their on-premise VMware installation, or any Linux instance as a container.

A large organization may use Nova to provision and control ADC and WAF Worker Nodes at scale - in multiple clouds, multiple Availability Zones, and with many ADCs deployed. Nova allows the control of thousands of Worker Nodes at once, making it easy to manage micro-services, cloud-native or hyperscale deployments across many environments and clouds. This goes hand-in-hand with the container-friendly nature of Nova for ease of deployment.


Below is a glossary of terms that are important to understand to use Nova, or that are commonly used in our documentation and marketing material.

NovaSnapt's centralized cloud portal and control plane is often referred to simply as Nova. This is a single pane of glass management interface for all Nodes, ADCs and more.
NodeA single Nova worker or endpoint - typically a container, VM, cloud or hardware instance which will have one or more ADCs attached. Each is a "novac" binary.
ADCApplication Delivery Controller - a deployment of a Nova configuration set to one or many Nodes, including backends, WAF, etc.
BackendA set of servers or description for where to send data from an ADC. Typically your origin servers or containers, also known as an upstream.
DestinationA highly available GSLB endpoint that routes data to one or more Nova nodes with some logic defined.
WAFWeb Application Firewall - a highly configurable, intelligent firewall to protect against attackers, threats and abuse.
GSLBGlobal Server Load Balancer - a configurable and intelligent DNS server that returns results based on internal logic.

Self-Hosted Nova

For documentation related to the maintenance, installation and administration of self-hosted Nova instances, see the Hosted Docsopen in new window.