Organizational Tenants

Organizations function as isolated tenants, where Nodes, ADCs, Backends, WAF Profiles and more can be customized and managed without any interference from other Organizations.

User Management

To learn more about managing access to Organizations, and adding users to multiple Organizations, please see the Users Guide.

Design Structure

Organizations are completely isolated from each other. This allows you to implement strict access control to tenanted applications and Nodes using the Organization system.

You can use Organizations as business units, teams, or any other grouping to seperate components of the system. As users can be a member of multiple organizations, this allows you to isolate services.

This approach allows access control, but also limits the blast radius of any errors, outages or configuration mistakes. For example, no API requests sent to the API token of one Organization can cause any changes to occur in another Organization.

Hosted Clients

This design principle is common among Nova Hosted clients, with larger businesses that have different teams and requirements. Examples would be splitting by function:


Or, splitting by application team:



There are no limits to the number of Organizations you can create, or that a User may be a member of.

API Usage

Nova has a detailed API documentation portal available, however, it is worth mentioning here that API keys are bound to Organizations, not users. You can think of them as a User account in their own right, able to interact with that Organization but not others.

This allows you to create API keys with limited access to resources.