Organization Options

Organization Options apply to your whole organization in Nova. Some can be overwritten by User Options but generally the two are separate.


The options on your Organization Options page are generally self-explanatory. However, we have a list below for your reference:

  • Slack Notifications: A slack webhook URL for your teams Slack service. This will allow Nova to post Slack messages for notifications like Monitors and Recipe results.

  • Webhook Notifications: A custom URL to receive a webhook any time a notification or alert is generated on Nova. You can learn about the format below.

  • Disable System Changes: Nova needs to install several components and make performance changes to the container or VM it is installed on. OEM and Advanced users may disable this, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Options not available in Organization Options are generally found in the User Options section.


Enabling Webhooks for your organization lets you specify a webhook url where notifications will be posted to. That url will receive a JSON payload that looks like the below example:

    "node" => Node_Name,
    "monitor" => Monitor_Name,
    "text" => Monitor_Text

You can then process the alert as you see fit.