Nodes on Nova are installations of the Nova Client on VMs, Servers, or inside Containers. They are systems that are controlled by Nova in order to deploy ADCs, WAFs and more.

When you add a Node you are actually creating a Name, UUID and Secret Key for a Nova Client to identify as. These will be passed to your containers, or saved in your config file on VMs and Servers.


Your Node ID and Key are secret information to be kept private at all times.

Node List

When you view your Node list you can easily see CPU, Memory, Connections and the Status for each Node. Add a Node in order to see installation options and instructions for your Node.

The Nova user interface allows you to easily select Nodes by status, grouping them into online, offline, initializing, and never-seen categories.

When a Node first connects it will go through the process of initializing, where we install any requirements we need to the local system, update it, etc. This process usually takes between 10 seconds and 2 minutes.

Node List

Node Connectivity

Nodes connect out to the Nova control plane, there is no inbound access requirement for the communication of a Node.

This is done via an HTTPS wrapped connection to the Nova poll server, which by default is on port 443.

Test Connectivity

You can test connectivity from the Node by running: curl

Node List

For more assistance see troubleshooting Node connectivity.

Moving Nodes

You may move Nodes between locations if the system remains the same. For example a VM migration or a container being launched elsewhere. However, if you are installing a new system, we recommend creating a new Node and attaching it to your ADC.