Nova allows you to enable SNMPd on all Nova Nodes on your account easily and quickly using the Node SNMPd configuration options.

SNMP management is available under the Node Features menu item.


SNMP makes it easy to monitor Nova Nodes (and the ADCs on them) using an SNMP monitoring tool or platform. Common in large enterprises, Nova automatically configures all your Nodes to have the same configuration to allow you to easily automate and integrate your monitoring solution.


Nova Nodes support SNMPv3 and SNMPv2, but we strongly advise against using v2. All your Nodes will have the same credentials across your network, meaning a secure username and password is critical.

Once you enable SNMP you must enter an SNMPv3 username and password. At that stage you may enable SNMPv2 if you need and enter a community string.


We do NOT recommend using SNMPv2 for security reasons!



Nova also provides a full Prometheus exporter, allowing you to scrape Prometheus metrics, which is the preferred method for most installations.