Nova Hosted is the name used by Snapt for the self-hosted version of the Nova Control Plane. Our official version of the product is available at https://nova.snapt.net and is commonly referred to as simply Nova.

Nova Hosted is known as Hosted Nova, Nova Hosted, On-Prem Nova and sometimes as novah.

Nova Hosted allows for on-premise or private cloud installations where a client wants a completely isolated installation. This serves large enterprises wanting their own control and options, air-gapped environments, MSPs, private clouds and more.

Snapt Supported

Snapt will complete the initial installation of all Nova Hosted installations for clients, and includes support for maintenance and management of the platform. This documentation is used by Snapt, and provided to advanced clients wanting more information.


Read our Install Guide for steps to install the platform.


Read our Administration Guide for common commands and maintenance of the Nova Hosted platform.


Once your cluster is online, ensure you understand How to Backup the system.

Secondary Installation

Installing the secondary Nova Hosted server in a highly available cluster is not the same as the primary. You should set up the primary first, test it, etc. and then once running set up the secondary by following the Secondary Guide.


Only the information specific to Nova Hosted is kept in this documentation directory. For the product and API documentation visit the main documentation portal.


You must have an active license to run Nova Hosted, and to run Nodes connected to the platform.