Upon logging into Nova you will see a global overview of all your connected Nodes and ADCs.

Top Panel


The top panel has a left box which summarizes ADCs and Backends, and a right box summarizing Node health.

ADCs & Backends

  • Upstream Health: what percentage of upstream servers (servers in deployed backends) are online
  • Blocks: how many WAF blocks have occurred in the last 60 seconds
  • Session Rate: how many new sessions have been processed in the last 60 seconds
  • Deployment History: what recent Deployments have happened and have they completed


  • Node Heath: what percentage of Nodes are online and performing fine
  • Compute Load: the average CPU usage across all your Nodes
  • Memory Load: the average memory utilization across all your Nodes
  • Node History: recent up, down and new Node events

Graph Panel


The graph panel gives you an overview of your ADC performance across your Organization. The top right boxes in any graph show you a 1 minute, 10 minute and 60 minute counter for values as well as the per second rates of those values. The graphs have tooltips available for any additional detail needed.

News Panel


The bottom of the Home page gives you the 3 latest Blog items from the Nova blog.