ADC Dashboard

When you select a deployed ADC you will be given a large amount of statistics and options within the page.


  • Overview: your ADC live data overview
  • Edit ADC: change your ADC's settings
  • Attachments: change which Nodes or Tags this ADC is attached to
  • Security: your ADCs security overview
  • App Perf.: a summary of the performance of your App or API
  • Data & Vision: a context based menu for additional stats and detail

Top Panel


The top panel in an ADC shows you the live data (refreshed every 10-20 seconds) for your ADC, by Node.

You can see the CPU and memory usage, the connections, cached requests, rates, traffic and more.

Graph Panel


The graph panel gives you an overview of your ADC performance across all connected Nodes. The top right boxes in any graph show you a 1 minute, 10 minute and 60 minute counter for values as well as the per second rates of those values. The graphs have tooltips available for any additional detail needed.

Logs Panel


The bottom of the page gives you the latest log entries and anomalies for your ADC.

Node Detail


Select any node from the Top Panel to get detailed statistics on the traffic flowing through that Node.