Nova Vision

Nova Vision is a powerful traffic analysis engine that runs on your Nova Nodes and in the Nova Cloud, using the edge to store and analyze logs and ship the results to the core.

Enabling Nova Vision

Nova Vision can be turned on in your ADC settings. You should note that while it is extremely efficient, Vision does consume CPU and memory resources on the host. Hosts with Nova Vision can consume up to 0.5GB of additional memory.

Once enabled it will be deployed to all your Nodes that the ADC is attached to, and you can start to get logs.

Log Format Requirements

Nova Vision requires you use our default log format. If you customize it the function will not work.

Vision Tail

Nova Vision can tail the "access log" of your ADCs, collecting and displaying the live requests from all the Nodes attached to a given ADC. This format follows our default log format.

You can search for specific strings (like an IP) and will see all the hits regardless of which Node or Cluster the traffic is going to.


Vision HTTP Analysis

Nova Vision will analyse your Vision logs for insights into your HTTP traffic. Errors, response times, slowest urls, problem locations, backend server versions and more.

This allows you to see live, detailed application metrics.